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*hesitates to comment on tumblr posts for fear that somehow it will offend someone and you’ll become that tumblr user*

unless someone says something outrightly horrendous and rude like rape is good I don’t think people should take offense. tumblr needs to learn that some concepts are relatively new and not everyone is going to be comfortable with it just yet. yelling at people isn’t going to help your cause. 

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my fave part of this is how Megatron just gives no fucks whatsoever

he’s just like “whatever idk how you’re doing this but i’ll gladly kill you over and over again you lil Starshit”

I actually kind of love how Megatron doesn’t even get angry he’s just annoyed, like, “I do actually have things to do Starscream if you wouldn’t mind fucking off

but Starscream just won’t quite because, well, he’s Starscream

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